Back/Forward Mouse Buttons to work in Panels

  • A simple as the title says, currently when I use the back/forward buttons on my mouse it will only affect the main window tab as opposed to the web panel I'm currently hovering over. Would be great if it could affect the panel instead.

    Interesting if tabs are tiled, the buttons only affect the tab currently being hovered over, So i guess its just extending that to panels.

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    @lord_dreadwave If you right-click on any web panel, you can set it to show all toolbar controls. Then you will have back/forward buttons in the web panel.

    You can try it with Vivaldi URLs

    0_1524851962130_Panel Toolbar Buttons.png

    Context menu back/forward also work in Web Panels, but not mouse gestures.

    I found that multi-media keyboard back/forward buttons work in both the web panel and the tab, for which I have submitted a bug report.

    (VB-39837) Multi-media Keyboard Back/Forward Work in Both Tab and Focused Web Panels

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