Tabs Should Cycle In The Order They Appear (i.e. after stacking/pinning/rearranging)

  • Re: Cycle tabs in tab order still broken (with pinned tabs and tab stack)

    "Cycle in Tab Order" cycles through tabs in the order they were created, regardless of if they were stacked/pinned/rearranged, resulting in [next tab] jumping around the tab bar in a way that looks erratic and is completely unintuitive. This should be changed to reflect the order tabs appear in the tab bar.

    I can't understand why this hasn't been implemented since it's simply sorting an array unless it conflicts with some other feature.

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    @ouroboros4545 There is work being done on this.

  • @ayespy Thanks for letting me know!

  • @ouroboros4545 Hiya. FYI here's the workaround i have been using in V for a couple of years. I look forward to the happy day when it will be obsolete.

    1. Install Chrome Extension TabsPane
    2. Use it to D&D your tabs [via their TP thumbnails] into the actual sequence in which you want them to scroll [this will in fact match your actual tabs' current sequence that you have already organised by stacking etc]. You will observe in TP that until you manually rearrange them, the tabs are laid out in the sequence V is currently scroll-behaving like they are, despite that being incorrect.
    3. Once happy with the sequence, close the TP tab [optional], & disable [not delete] the TP extension if you desire to save a bit of memory [optional]
    4. Scroll away back & forth / up & down, through your tabs sequence, & now V will respect your wishes.
    5. Reiterate the above as needed, later.


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