V at startup - not showing Speed Dial, takes long time to load

  • When I start V (latest Snapshot) after a reboot or power down it takes a loooong time to display.
    I get a pale blue screen with the "V" for 20-40 seconds and then V loads but takes another 30 seconds or so and loads properly...
    If I close V and re-open it it does load faster but my Speed Dial icons do not display(?!). When I click on Bookmarks and back to Speed Dial they do load.

    Any others having this issue? or is this a bug?

    I have plenty of memory, always clear cache and cookies, anything else I can try?

    II did mention this this several iterations ago but it did go away and is now back

  • Seems like it may be something to do with the links in your SD ? One of the links might be taking forever to load

    But the fact that you mention its after a power cycle definitely points to the OS and all the stuff you have going on in your StartUp


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