Bookmark Tab Stack to a Folder via a Dialogue

  • You can do this by dragging a stack of tabs to an existing bookmark folder. A ctrl+D style menu from both a single tab, and especially a stack of tabs would be a more elegant solution to saving a stack of tabs, and creating a new bookmark folder if desired. And maybe a "delete tabs after bookmark" tickbox?
    Pretty Please?

  • Moderator

    @ardea Do you know that you can already bookmark a tab-stack from the tab context menu? It creates a new folder in the root folder named "Stack" which you can then rename and move in the Bookmarks Panel.

    0_1524823154319_Bookmark Tab Stack.png

  • Thanks Pesala, yes, did find that way . Like dragging the stack, you leave naming till last, which seems awkward somehow. Like the single tab context menu "bookmark", saving to the bookmark root (why not highlighted folder, at least?)

    All the same, Vivaldi has the best tab handling out there, now Firefox has dropped tabbed tab groups, so the above request is for some icing on an already very good cake (but you do want to be the best....)
    regards, ardea


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