Lost session, crashed during restore, trash got cleared during crash

  • Hi everyone,

    I switched from Firefox to Vivaldi a while ago because several times Firefox didn't properly reopen my open windows and tabs. Tabs were opened with the "about" page and sometimes I had to manually go through some JSON file in the profile directory to find out which domains weren't properly restored and sometimes the info wasn't even in the file anymore.

    Until now I was happy with Vivaldi. But now for the first time Vivaldi opened with an empty window, despite having open a couple of windows with a dozen to a hundred (not more) tabs in each window.

    No worries, there's the trash where you can restore all windows, right? I started restoring and it worked fine with 3 windows. But then there was a window with about 70 tabs, so I had to scroll down to reach the "restore" button, which is located at the bottom of the tab list. During this scrolling, my whole OS froze. I couldn't click on any tab, any Vivaldi window, or any other window. Some operations worked with the keyboard, for example opening a Guake terminal via Hotkey. Vivaldi then crashed (all windows were closed without me doing it) and the OS was responsive again.

    After a while, the Ubuntu "Vivaldi crashed" dialog was shown, where I checked "Send report" and clicked "Relaunch".

    Vivaldi opened with the previously restored Windows, which was great. The trash still contained the remaining windows. I wanted to restore the 70 tab window again, and the OS froze again, Vivaldi crashed.

    Now I opened Vivaldi again, and the previously restored windows were opened, but the trash was completely empty! Now I'm missing the 70 tab window as well as a couple more windows.

    So, tl;dr:

    • Session got lost
    • wanted to restore via trash
    • worked for some windows
    • crashed during scrolling through trash
    • repeat
    • trash is empty, remaining windows and tabs are missing completely

    What can I do to restore the lost windows?

    Info regarding my system:

    • Ubuntu 12.04, initially used Unity, then XFCE, now LXDE
    • Vivaldi version: "1.14.1077.60 (Stable channel) unknown (64-bit)"

  • @mylissa2 Your best bet is looking for a backup of Vivaldi and using the Last Session file from this backup. If you don't do regular backups of your whole system, you should probably start now.

    And yeah, Vivaldi can lose your last session under certain circumstances (especially when the application crashes). It has never happened to me, but I also never had a session containing a hundred tabs. If you rely on your tabs and on Vivaldi restoring them, it's almost mandatory to save these tabs as session from time to time, as a precaution. Vivaldi provides this functionality, albeit it has to be triggered manually at the moment.

  • If you have no joy from @luetage's tip, you have the slightly unsavoury but eventually useful method of manually recreating the missing windows tab by tab from V's History.

  • Luckily I found a session backup I made with "File -> Save Open Tabs as Session" not so long ago.

    But nevertheless the behavior I witnessed seems to be a bug. Loosing a session is one thing, clearing the trash during a crash another.

    @luetage @Steffie : Should I file a bug report? Or are any mods here who know about this issue because maybe a bug ticket already exists?

  • Moderator

    @mylissa2 There appear to be multiple (just a few) triggers for losing a session. But the more data the developers can accumulate on it, the better. I recommend filing the report.


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