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  • I just tried to reply to a thread on alternatives to facebook and twitter, and askimet immediately flagged me for spamming, presumably for the crime of including the url for gab, suffix, ai, which is a twitter replacement. I think maybe the spam parameters here need to be loosened up a bit. Or perhaps if someone has been active here for a year without incident, that should be factored into the algorithm.

  • @paul1149 I think the system doesn't care how long you have been a member, the only thing it cares about are upvotes. You have 3 now, this should be enough. And yeah, unfortunately the spam prevention measures are needed.

  • Moderator

    I pinged our community manager to ask teh webdev.

  • Damn, strike what I said. I didn't notice how many posts and reputation you already had.

  • Thanks much, @Gwen-Dragon and @luetage 🙂

  • hello paul1149
    maybe should not suggest that a spam blocker controlled by the large social sites could spam block its competition. they might catch-on. there used to be many alternates; what happened to competition for the lucrative social site business? sites based on flash will be eliminated as well.
    Don't block paul1149.

  • Yes, don't block paul1149! 🙂

  • hello paul1149 and hello everyone

    the first responses hinted at per user filtering, so why make it into a silliness? It is amusing that the system accepts blocking an entire post while we will not tolerate censoring of a few words instead. The benefit of the spam filterrs is difficult to acknowledge while it is mostly unseen by the forum users; that is the point correct? truly it does a bulk of a big job. filtering this internet stuff where we gatherr to share things about internet while it does not filter simplistic curse words.

    sgunhouse came in quite put-off with some exasperations concerning the spam filters. Use the url tags in the editor toolbar. Reach out to touch the tip of the spear paul1149.. try and try again. Your acuity for composing combined with the talent of the large choir of adept Moderators here at vivaldi community will allow us to read Everything that paul1149 wishes to share. we are assuring ourselves now that we will not miss anything that you wish to share.


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