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  • Hello folks! Let's say first that I (personally) don't use Facebook nor Twitter. I open this thread only to know if there's a similiar (alternative GUI and/or posting method procedure) as good privcacy matter/no censor out there. I found something but, because I don't use social, I cannot say if one cuold be better then another one. In few words, if you (I mean a social networks user) must made a choice, what would be you're suggest to replace something like Twitter, or even Facebook that is know for giving no-limit to the edited carachters?
    For now it's just a curiosity, but cuold be something more if the EU persist to that line, as explained in this page.
    Thanks in advance to all who suggest and explain their feelings about.

  • @marko-indaco Diaspora is worth a look. I don't touch twatter & farcebuck with a 10' pole.


  • @steffie thank you very much. I'm reading about how it works, and seems a cool way to stay in touch with F or T contacs, though I don't get yet how it works for this part 😃

  • @marko-indaco Hiya, you're welcome, i hope that it might be useful for you. My earlier post was a bit lazy, probably i should have mentioned that i am not actually sure that Diaspora necessarily is, nor necessarily aspires to be, an actual analogue of those data-thieving platforms. Ie, i am not sure if cool way to stay in touch with F or T contacs is one of D's functions.

    That said, maybe it is [though i've had an account for a few years i hardly ever use it coz... time & stuff... so i'm not very knowledgeable with it]:



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    By having an account on Google (YouTube, Gmail or other) you can also add G+. But yes, Diaspora or Mastodon are great alternatives

  • @steffie no warries. Indeed I'm not using social too, that's why I'm try to find something that cuold be useful for many of my friends that use it. Also I guess here in italy there's lot of bloggers and popular social account that are interested for an alternative. My though is to investigate a bit and then offer some hints for those people.
    Thank you for sharing 😉


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