Links Manager Dialogue Like Opera 12.18

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    More than the link panel of old Opera 12.18, it would be nice to have a panel that does "opera:/button/Manage%20links,,,%22Liens%22,Mail%20Attachment". In this windows if I recall correctly, you could search, mass select, had a colon with the the link and one with where it points too, it fact I think it could even show some hidden link sometimes. Mass selection was a must to save a dying website manually. At least it would be nice to have a "save link target" but like that you can mass save and only what you want.

  • @bousillor Opera Buttons are an awesome way of sharing code. I had forgotten about the links manager. I added your button to my Opera tooblar and clicked it in my Vivaldi Review Page. This is the result:

    0_1524758544362_Links Manager.png

  • @pesala Thank you for posting a picture, I was not sure anymore of how it was presented. This talk way more than a long explanation with partials memories. And yes, Opera Buttons was great and I hope to see that in Vivaldi one day but I think it is still a little to early for that.

  • Btw, it would be even better if it could 'manage' links on selected tabs, not just one.


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