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    I've just updated Vivaldi (1.15.1147.36) and after a few days of usage, I noticed that the iMac 2017 was unusually noisy. I checked Activity Monitor and it showed that Vivaldi Helper was using around 700+% of load even with just one tab open (only tab open is this page and the fan is on). I checked Safari's CPU usage (with 3 tabs open) and the usage is at most 10% when I'm just browsing webpages w/o flash or videos. I tried to turn on the GPU-acceleration in chrome://flags as suggested by a user in Vivaldi's reddit but after relaunching Vivaldi, the fans started again so I reverted it. I've attached a screencap of activity monitor below. What can I do to reduce Vivaldi's high cpu usage? Thanks in advance.

    I'm using 10.13.4, iMac 21.5 Retina 2017

    alt text

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    Please check in Vivaldi which tab consume so much. Shift+Esc should start Vivaldi taskmanager.

  • @gwen-dragon Found the culprit. It was one of the extensions (Adblock Pro). Thanks a lot! That was a quick fix. 🙂

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    I remember Adblock on my Windows and Linux machines generated such trouble in consuming all resources or slowing down like hell some years ago. I changed to uBlockOrigin.


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