Malformed URL and Facebook games not for Vivaldi

  • Hi,
    I just installed the latest update and find that I still have two problems that I never reported. )';

    One shows up on many pages when I attempt to go to Just trying to there returns an Error 500: Malformed URL. Other times I get messages about an URL that is too long.

    The second problem relates to Facebook games. When they start, they report that Vivaldi is no longer supported. I don't know what their reason is other than that is what they report, Right now, you can continue and play but who knows how long that will last.

  • @joehunter
    No problem with freedom pop for me so far as you can see in the image below.
    Tested with viv 1.15.1147.32 (32bit) on win7 (64bit)

    1.) What version of vivaldi are you using? (you can look this up in the first line at vivaldi://about)
    2.) What extensions do you use? (in case you don't know for sure press "Ctrl+Shift+E")
    3.) What Version of Windows do you use?
    4.) What security software do you have installed?

    You can ignore the your second problem as they just don't recognise vivaldi correctly - as long as the games work like they should there's nothing to worry about.


    EDIT: As 500 normally indicates an error that is based on the server site - the usual solution is "just come back later and see if they fixed their stuff" but if you get this problem quite often there is a chance that there is something wrong on your site.

    So for a testcase you could try to reach those sites that give you trouble with a fresh profile and see what happens.
    A fresh profile doesn't mean you loose your data just some minor settings might get lost so you'll need to reassign them after the test.

    To use a fresh profile do the following:
    1.) Go to vivaldi://aboutand copy the folder path that is written behind Profile Path - it should end with \Default.
    2.) Close Vivaldi and navigate in your file explorer to that path you just copied
    3.) Now rename the whole "Default" folder to something you'll remember like "Default backup" or something like that

    • This folder contains all your user data, like bookmarks, settings, passwords etc. so please do not delete it!!!

    4.) Now start Vivaldi again - it will detect that there is no default folder and will generate a new one

    • Now you'll have your fresh profile for test purposes. If now all websites work as they should the chances are high that something is wrong in your "old" profile.
      If that's the case we'll proceed with it later on. (I already wrote half a book for now ^^ sry)

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    A Error 500 can not be solved by Vivaldi as it is a server sided software problem. Please contact the support of the website on which you see the error.


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