No option to add new identitiy in Vivaldi Mail

  • Hi.

    It seems that the option to add new identities to the classic Vivaldi mail interface is missing again. What's happened?

  • @ostap Hi!
    I would love to read more about this. I have just created my account on Vivaldi. The identities function might be very useful but I can't seem to make it work.
    There is no option to add new identities in the webmail.
    I can create identities on the app K9-Mail, but these seem work only for sending, not for receiving messages.
    Is that the way it works?

  • @4321 Identities work only for sending messages. To receive messages you should set forwarding to your Vivaldi address in the other mail account. For example, if you have an address, to receive mail to your vivaldi account you should turn on forwarding to on your mail account.

    Vivaldi has (or had) an option to add new identities in its web mail. There was a plus sign at the bottom of the Identities tab. But now for some reason it has disappeared.

  • @ostap Thanks a lot! I struggled a moment to find how to forward the messages but I eventually found the "filters" system. It sems to work.

    I am still a little bit confused because the identities that I have created in the K-9 Mail app (on my Android phone) don't display neither in the vivaldi webmail nor in Thunderbird (on desktop).

    On another hand, I can "customize the identity" when sending an email in Thunderbird, but this seems to be a "one shot" customization (the new identity is not conserved one the email has been sent).

    I am just discovering vivaldi mail services. I would like to use them as my main personal email provider but I am wondering if it is reliable enough.

    Any advice is welcome! Thanks.

  • @4321 the sender data in emails is a client side only setting and has (normally¹) no effect on mail delivery (but might effect target for replying).

    The same concept is applied when redirecting mails:
    Real sender (you) is distinct form the author of the mail (unchanged From field entry).

    Big restructuring in mail infrastructure about a month ago. It's getting there (still some hickups)…
    Mail is NOT Vivaldi's main area of activity.
    If you need hard reliability, use a dedicated payed provider.

    ¹) mail servers may do sanity checks, this could be a reason why Yahoo does not like mails from Vivaldi accounts and why the identity feature is no longer supported.

  • @becm Thank you for this information. Actually I am not aspecially looking for a free email service but for one that respects privacy a little more than Google does ... Vivaldi sounded great too 🙂 but maybe I should search further.

  • @becm The identity feature is still supported and I can use identities that I've already created (fortunately so, because the availability of identities is the primary reason why I use Vivaldi). But it's not possible to create new identities anymore.

    I personally don't need more identities at the moment, but my friends who've recently registered for Vivaldi because I've told them about identities are very disappointed, because availability of identities greatly facilitate migration to a new email service.


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