BUG: 1.15 - RMB + Scroll Wheel scrolling tabs

  • RMB + Scroll wheel (to scroll through tabs) is broken.

    In 1.15 you can only scroll once (next or prev tab) it does not scroll continuously as you scroll up/down more than once...

    But if your mouse cursor is in the side panel it works fine.

    See video


    version : 1.15.1147.36 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • Moderator

    A already known bug. See https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/207708

  • @Gwen-Dragon That's a different bug. Did you look at my youtube video?

    In 1.14 (previous version before this new 1.15 release) While holding down RMB and scroll wheel (up or down) it scrolls through the tabs continuously as long as you have RMB held down you can keep scrolling through the tabs. After updating to the newly released 1.15 holding down RMB while mouse cursor is in the view port you can only scroll up or down once. You would have to let go of RMB and hold RMB again to scroll to next tab. Unless the cursor is in the side bar, address bar or status bar which then acts like it should.

    It work once right after opening a new tab however it will stop working once you pause/stop scrolling for ~0.5 second or so and will only scroll 1 tab then stop.


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