1.15 using old version of Flash

  • Recently updated my Vivaldi installation to 1.15 and then I updated Flash Player from to Chrome detects the updated Flash version but Vivaldi is still referencing the old Flash version. I did check the file location and 28 has been removed already.

    Win10 Enterprise x64


    Here is the screenshot of the components window on Chrome showing the updated version 29:


    The site I am trying to access that needs an updated version of Flash is vSphere Web Client. Here's the error message (and showing Flash is allowed):


    Any idea how to get Vivaldi to work with the updated version of Flash?

  • That's strange. Have you tried to update the PPAPI flash manually with vivaldi closed from here?
    (Uncheck Mcaffee of course)
    Try also to clear cache/cookies from vsphere site, maybe some old info which says "old flash" is stored there.
    Or try to force it in a vivaldi shortcut (untested but took info from mine vivaldi://about) --ppapi-flash-path=C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer64_29_0_0_140.dll

  • Yup. That's the process I used. Here it is in more detail:

    • Updated Vivaldi to 1.15
    • Closed all browser windows (I have to use both Vivaldi and Chrome at work)
    • Attempted to install Flash 29 - got an error message on the installer indicating that I would have to uninstall 28 first
    • Uninstalled Flash 28 (I had both PPAPI and NPAPI versions installed)
    • Installed Flash 29 (both PPAPI and NPAPI)
    • Started Vivaldi and Chrome
    • Chrome correctly identifies the updated Flash and websites like vSphere web client work fine
    • Vivaldi still thinks it has Flash 28 and so sites that require an updated Flash player do not work

  • @fiernaq You could try with a new vivaldi standalone install to see if new flash is present.
    Or with an useragent changer (shouldn't be the case, but worth trying it).
    But, I'd file a bug report with all the steps you made.

  • Bug report filed.


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