[1.15.1147.19] and probably long before, tabs load on startup

  • When Vivaldi starts, my 2 Core laptop is unusable for 5 minutes with 20 tabs open. "Lazy Load Restored Tabs" helps partially, but why not having an option to not load tabs until activated? Wasn't it like that before?
    Also I think that filling up RAM and using internet traffic is unnecessary, because user may not activate all those tabs in current session, but still wants to preserve the tabs with browsing history and such.
    I'm used to restarting browser frequently to free up RAM, but now this is pointless.
    I used Firefox for some time and I went back to Vivaldi and it's really slow to start.

    Oh, never mind! Updated to 1.15.1147.32 and previous behavior is back!
    Tabs are not loading. Must have been a bug in previous build/builds. I was struggling with it for few days...
    Good job.

  • you might have not noticed but 1.15 stable was also released today


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