Hello and Vivaldi in Windows 7

  • Hello, I am new here.
    I've been a fan of the real opera and was providing input when they went to version 9+, when they opened up input from users. The browser was easily the best on the market for someone like me. I didn't like Chrome and the others.

    When opera 15 (Chrome) came out - it was as useless as Chrome, so like many others - I kept using Opera 12 until it became problematic to use on modern websites. Chrome became my primary browser. The direction they went with Opera since then was always... pathetic.

    I've been using Vivaldi since version 1.0x - when I heard about the people putting it together. I use it everyday since then.
    It felt GREAT to use a MODERN Opera, the powerful user controls and options. The minimal look while STILL functional and powerful. Vivaldi is so much nicer to use than Chrome (which I still use for my needs - but I enjoy Vivaldi) So thanks to the developers and the people who support you. I hope more people would use this great browser, as I recommend to others. Perhaps ask the operators of Ninite.com to add it to their browser list?

    I still use Windows 7 for my own good reasons and will continue to do so until I need to move over to Linux.
    It would be nice if Vivaldi looked more like a Windows7 program, with the buttons on the right corner and the boarders. (I really hate the Flat tiny lines on Windows 10) I know about the Use Native mode, which does kind of do the job. Not quite as elegant since Chrome and Firefox are able to put the tabs at the top - as well as Vivaldi in default mode.

    So I also turn on the Menu Icon Style to (Menu Icon) so that there are not two Vivaldi logos side by side on the top left corner.

    It's likely low priority and to a degree, its understandable. It's likely my only nick-pick with this great browser.

    A user, QuHno explained why, because WebUI makes development easier... So I'll go with that understanding.

    By the way, I really LOVE how the brower's tab and address bar changes colors to match the primary color of the site you on, It creates an excellent visual aid to what you are looking at.

    Again, I joined up to give some input and to thank the developer for bringing back the best browser interface for us to use.

    You guys are doing a great job of making it a better browser for features we can really use. Nobody makes tab management better than this.

  • Hello, and welcome!

    If you haven't already, give a vote to this FR it would show support for OS themeing if thats what you desire.

    I would also like to see V made available on many different software package lists. Hopefully that will happen more as browser usage increases.


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