Export Bookmark Nicknames

  • I am wondering, that nicknames are not exported. Why? This is valuable information, that is hard to restore, if you have lot of nicknames.

  • Moderator

    @zdm You can use the experimental Sync feature to share bookmarks with other computers.

  • @pesala

    1. I have latest the Vivaldi, but don't see any sync settings or tools.
    2. In any case, I don't have other devices where I can install Vivaldi.
    3. Why not just add nicknames to file backup? This is not complex.

  • Moderator


    1. Go to vivaldi://experiments to enable sync.
    2. Even if you have only one device it creates a backup in the cloud.
    3. That's the purpose of Feature Requests, but I don't know how complex it would be. Meanwhile you might want to know about workaround. You can also backup your bookmarks files in \UserData\Default\ to external media.

  • Thank you, I found how to backup files manually.
    My profile was crashed suddenly yesterday.
    So I want to start with clean profile with just my old bookmarks and search settings.


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