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  • So everything was fine yesterday, when I closed Vivaldi, which has a ton (100+) of tabs in it, as usual (almost all are unloaded, in the background), but today when I try to open it with my session, it seems to load all three windows extremely slowly (takes 15 minutes) and then becomes nonfunctional. I can seem to scroll each page that is open already in each window, but I can't click on things, I can't change tabs, I can't even scroll through my tabs. I'm unable to click on any menus or extension stuff. I can't seem to get it to work right.

    I was able to get the task manager to open somehow, after clicking on "tools", waiting for about 8 minutes, then the menu appeared. It seems "background page: Vivaldi" (according to the task manager) is the culprit, but I don't know exactly what that means. I have no way to tell if it actually means one of my background tabs, or something else. I haven't changed anything recently & this session was fine yesterday & survived several times throughout the last week of closing the browser. I can't figure out what is happening here.

    Is there a way I can at least get Vivaldi to not open with my session, so I can see if it's a problem with the app or a specific tab?

    alt text

  • Hey there,

    Sucks to hear that Vivaldi is locking up on you.

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with the use of command line arguments or 'switches' to adjust Chromium-like browser functionality.

    You may wish to consult this extensive list of Chrome-specific command line arguments and see if any of them are helpful to you, and will work in Vivaldi?

    Perhaps use this arguments to try restarting Vivaldi without extensions or similar, in the hope that you can try and diagnose the issue?

  • @droctopus It's most likely not a problem with your app. Find the path to your profile by opening vivaldi://about, open the Default folder and delete/move Last Session. That's what I would try.

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    @droctopus Another possible culprit might be any of the files with "tabs" in the name. (Current tabs, Last tabs).

  • Weirdly, this recent update seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for all the suggestions!!


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