Download/Open File with other Application if > x Mbytes

  • Can you add a option to download/open files with other application if the file size greater then the defined value?

    Such as downloading a file with size larger then defined value would run the below command,
    "(Program) (Parameters) (File address) (Parameters)"
    Example- ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\IDMan.exe" /d %a "

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    @afsarpasha I don't see this ever happening. As soon as one clicks a link to start a download, it starts downloading, so Vivaldi would have to detect the file size, stop downloading it, and send the URL to your download manager.

    Why not just improve Vivaldi's download manager to provide the features that make you use a third-party download manager?

  • @pesala Getting the file size would take only few milliseconds and I'm not asking to "stop downloading it, and send the URL to your download manager" I'm asking is before starting the download check the file size and if it's larger then defined value then run a command.

  • @afsarpasha assuming the server is nice enough to advertise the file size in the header.
    Getting headers (without download) would imply an additional request for all relevant queries, and some servers (again) refuse to give this kind of information at all.

    @pesala preemptive closing an active connection is not a big deal and happens regularly on various cache hits.

    A more general handling of (big) downloads

    • use internal download manager
    • execute external program (possibly reuse data already retreived by browser)
    • dispatch link to NAS background download service (via URL or plugin)

    might be a good idea, especially if the download time exceeds browser or even system runtime (case 3).

  • @afsarpasha Ideally this would be possible, however in my experience not all web servers correctly report the size of a download before you make it.

    I have often seen in the downloads panel a download being marked as "100%", but continuing to download, because the server didn't say how big the file was.

    With this in mind, it would be very tricky to implement this such that it would always work, without starting the download first.


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