More visibility into processes in Chrome Task Manager

  • I'd like to see Vivaldi provide more visibility into non-tab processes shown in the Chrome Task Manager so it is easier to determine what is a choke point in the browser. When I open the Task Manager, usually one of the top CPU & memory users is a group of tasks that are listed as 'Background Page: Vivaldi', 'App:Vivaldi', 'App:Start Page', etc. But there is no obvious way to figure out what these are. Are they tied to extensions? If so which ones so I can determine if I want to get rid of them. Are they doing something specific? I'd love to know because I would pass that information to the devs so they can get insight into where the browser slows/locks up. As it stands this is all opaque.

  • These pages are all the pages that make up the Vivaldi application, and I don't think should be affected by extensions† as all extensions run in their own processes.

    Because they combine to make a single chromium api app, they all run in one process, and I think it would be difficult to separate memory usage, for example between the start page and the background page, as this is measured per-process (That's how the OS manages processes).

    †If you run mods, these would affect the vivaldi app process, but still couldn't be measured separately.


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