Strange Address Bar Suggestions

  • I would like to know if there's a way to cause Vivaldi to refresh the address-bar auto-complete suggestions based on my current bookmarks and history? The reason I ask this is because the Vivaldi address keeps making unusual suggestions when I start typing a web-address into it. It suggests places I've removed from my history and are not stored in my bookmarks. I have confirmed these places are not in my profile's history or bookmarks, yet it keeps suggesting them.

    I moved to Vivaldi about 6-months ago. I don't remember what process I used to create my profile, but I know I imported my bookmarks from my Firefox somehow. I think I may have also imported my history at that time, but I have no clear memory. Perhaps these are the reason I'm seeing these results? I don't know how Vivaldi generates the address-bar suggestions, but this behavior is becoming annoying.

    Thanks for any help!

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @cdobrich under vivaldi settings>search
    I have everything unchecked except "show search field in address bar". So maybe uncheck something there. Probably "search in address field"

    I only get bookmarks when typing there now because under settings>address bar>address field dropdown, only bookmarks is checked.

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