Vivaldi not launching maximized

  • I think I may have found the problem, I have installed v on all my computers in 😨 as a standalone, while on my main computer it is installed in a regular program files directory for all users. In 😨 V launches in odd positions all the time but regular install on my main computer it always launches maximized.

  • Same here. 3 PCs, same behavior. When you start V, the main window fills the screen, same size as maximized, but its not maximized mode, i have option that removes that space on the top of the window/tabs activated, so you can clearly see it. To enter maximized mode you can either press maximize button, or just minimize and then maximize the window again. A bit annoying tho.

    EDIT: latest Win10 Pro x64 here, V is 32bit latest stable.

  • @docemmet Pressing F11 twice may be the easiest workaround.

  • I still have this problem, Windows 10, it's been a long time since I have this problem, in fact I always give a like when you comment on the snapshots - Vivalvi does not start maximized
    Because I still have this problem.
    An hour will be corrected, it does not bother me too much, it's just a problem that does not bother Vivaldi's usability. 🙂

  • @saudiqbal Interesting observation. I'm on Linux and have this issue as well.

    I have a Win 10 install and also installed it as a standalone. I do get the issue on Win 10. I don't think I've ever tested in the program files directory.


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