It's a mystery to me

  • Does toothpaste taste like root beer, or does root beer taste like toothpaste? Which is it? And if they taste similar, is there any need to add mint flavor to toothpaste? Would you add mint to root beer? It's a mystery to me.

    Edited because, simarlar? I knew I was posting too early, not thinking right.

  • Moderator

    Depend on what you like more: mint toothpaste or this non-alcoholic-drink called "root beer".

    In south Germany, Nurenberg, we have a beer called Rotbier/Rauchbier, it has for me s taste which may be as strange as tooth paste.

  • When people talk about and bad mouth the people around them, do they not realize that the people can hear them? They may dress badly, or act oddly, or smell bad, but they're not freaking deaf. They can hear you talking about them, and, newsflash, they have feelings. And when they react to what they hear, some people doing the bad mouthing think they're being harassed? It's a mystery to me.


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