All windows popping "under" Vivaldi

  • After my last Vivaldi update (sorry I don't know if it was immediately after) my new windows all pop-under the Vivaldi window. I'm sure there is some easy fix to this but after checking through the settings and doing a forum search, I have not been able to fix this. Should I be concerned about a virus? There are certain programs I use which need to popup over the Vivaldi window. Is this perhaps strictly a Windows issue?
    Thanks in advance.

  • What version are you running?

    Menu > File > Help > About

  • Don't know the version of Windows 10, but Vivaldi is 1.14.1077.60. Thanks for your reply. I will try restarting it.

  • Upon closing and restarting Vivaldi, the issue went away, so it is possible it is a windows thing. I did get a virus warning the other day, so it could be related to that - a virus that was trying to hide. I will let you know if the issue returns.


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