Posting a new Topic has unnecessary clutter and could have more real estate

  • This should definitely be a config issue easy enough to be fixed:
    When posting a New Topic:

    1. The size of the TextArea Input box is too small lengthwise & heightwise.
    2. There should be an option to turn off the redundant preview on the side. Most of us dont bother with richness or would just trust that it would work.
    3. There is absolutely no need of seeing the first post in the forum while we are posting. Confusing and totally redundant - and you dedicate as much space as this textarea for that !??
    4. The pull-down above the Submit button is also redundant. We have already selected our forum, whats the need to waste space on an unneeded button again that just lists a plethora of forums

    1. You can use the arrow to the top left of the submission box to drag and resize the space as needed.
    2. You can click the little Hide Preview button in the top right of the preview

  • Moderator

    @rojaviv Simply zoom in and the text box will use most of the screen.

    This screenshot was taken on a 1600x1200 monitor @ 170% webpage zoom

    Use the x button to discard the post, or the > button to submit it. Zoom using the keyboard because the scrollwheel does not work.

    0_1524236016060_Edit Post.png

  • @LonM Thanks - this confirms I must not delay my Annual Eye test any longer.


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