Mouse right-click frequently misinterpreted.

  • I cannot recall if i have read others complain about this, or not. For a very long time [12+ months, or 5 minutes, i think it's one or the other] Vivaldi-Snapshots have been giving me random apoplexy when i attempt to access the right-click context menu in web-pages. One of three things happens:

    1. I get the context menu.
    2. V misinterprets the right-click somehow as a tab-scroll command, & thus jumps to another open tab.
    3. V misinterprets the right-click somehow as a tab-history-back command, & thus reverts to an earlier version of the current active web-page.

    Both #2 & #3 are disruptive & unsettling [being random, it really is like russian roulette], but the especially apoplectic-inducing one is #3. This one particularly loves to occur when i am writing a post or filling out a form, & wish to copy my text. Abruptly, once the bug manifests, all my writing vanishes & i am confronted with either the original blank form, or the step before that being the page from which the form was accessed.

    Possibly the majority of such times i am able to re-revert to the desired page on which magically my draft text is still present [phew], but some of the times all my text is gone for good. At these times my angry screams rend the air.

    This random bug is long-lived [existing from way before 1.15x], is unrelated to any given profile [having rebuilt my V-SS profile approx 700,000 times], is unsolved by disabling Rocker Gestures in Settings, & IMO is a major blight on V. I have singled out Snapshots coz that's what i use as default, but i am not saying it does/not potentially also occur in Stable... i simply don't use Stable often enough for long enough to know.

    Anyone else pls?

  • I have had a problem in Vivaldi for Windows with V acting like one of the modifier keys is held down, though I've noticed it on left-clicks. When I notice it happening (when I go to click a link generally, but instead text in the page is highlighted) I then right-click to cancel the previous action and after that my left-click works fine. So I'm wondering if your 2 and 3 are what would happen if you right-clicked with a modifier key held down - if it's an aspect of the same behavior I see. (No, my hands aren't on the keyboard at all when it happens, so I know I didn't hit a modifier by accident.)

  • @sgunhouse Gosh, that's pretty weird too, isn't it? Like you, in my scenarios i am absolutely certain that i have not accidentally touched a key at these times.


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