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  • With the new snapshot 142, I can install Vivaldi with my account in 8.1 and it works fine from the desktop, start menu etc, but the other user on my machine who is a standard user can't execute the vivladi.exe file from desktop, taskbar or start menu,it comes up as "class not registered" and fails to start. 141 worked fine for both accounts.

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    In which folder are you installing Vivaldi? It must be in a folder that the other user has access to.

  • I have been installing to the same default location every time and it had been working, but with 142 it stopped working for my other user.

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    Is this one the default?

    If so you'll have to install in another folder where the other user has access, like /Program Files/.

  • I did that too thinking that was the problem. It will start from the original .exe file but not from a shortcut from that .exe file.. kinda odd.

    I read that Chromium Engine has had this problem before, so I am not sure it is so much a problem with V as it is with Chromium itself.

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