Vivaldi crashes every time I click on a link in any other program

  • I am able to copy and past the link. That works fine.
    I set Safari as the default browser to see if it would crash, and it did not.
    Funny thing, if Vivaldi is not already open, Clicking on a link, will open Vivaldi and open the webpage.
    If I click on that link again, it will crash (the already open) Vivaldi.

    I have Googled this a few times and do not see and chatter about it.
    Has anyone else experienced/fixed this issue?


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    @jakemore Well known bug with multiple reports in the last week. Being worked on.

  • Thank you

  • I would estimate I'm hitting this issue somewhere between 10-20 times a day, and I've seen two snapshot releases go out since I reported it via the "report a bug" link last week.

    Because of this bug, I have had to switch my default browser away from Vivaldi. It is consistently and trivially reproducible, so I am very surprised we've seen two more snapshots without a solution.

    I would estimate 50-75% of the things I open on a day-to-day basis, I open through external links (from emails and such). So if I can't open external links in my browser, I pretty much can't use it—simple as that.

    If the devs are having trouble reproducing it in-house, I still have the stack trace (from the Apple crash report dialog) saved, and (as I mentioned in the bug) I'd be happy to share it along with any other relevant configuration details. This issue has become a show-stopper for me, and I would like to see a fix ASAP.

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    @thinkingdes It's being worked on. Patience, please.

  • @thinkingdes Absolutely agree.
    I switched my default browser to Safari to avoid the crashes.
    Just updated Vivaldi, and the same problem is there. Why bother putting out that update without fixing this annoying issue?

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    @jakemore The updates have to continue to be released, so that other issues can be evaluated as well. The external-links issue continues to be pursued - but updates can't be held for it.

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    @jakemore FYI, this bug is considered to be a release blocker... and I think that the Vivaldi team has now developed a fix. Hopefully, you'll see it in the next snapshot. In the meantime, it makes sense to release a build with the latest security updates and bug fixes for testing.

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    This issue should be fixed in today's snapshot.


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