Would be a great browser if...

  • 1 - Youtube videos would play
    2 - Links, the the one on Pocket's signup page that says "If you have an account log in now" would respond when clicked instead of doing nothing except change color.

    These problems have been present for some time and I notice that others have complained about them. It would seem prudent to fix what's broken before wasting time on developing new features. The new features are relatively useless if one has to abandon the browser in favor of another just to get the basic functionality.

    I realize that chasing bugs is not as sexy as working on new stuff but what is going on now is like putting new chrome trim on a old jalopy with no brakes and an engine that has thrown a rod.

  • Moderator

    @doctordan Which version are you using? A ton of media fixes are included in the last two 1.15 snapshots.

    As features are the raison d'être of Vivaldi, there will not be a pause in development of them. A slate of features was envisioned before the first public technical preview of the browser and, until those features are all included, the browser remains an unfinished product. On the other hand, all breaks and regressions introduced by new intakes of the updated underlying engine (Chromium) are always pursued aggressively. There is a motto posted in all Vivaldi offices, "Kill all bugs." The developers strive to do so.


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