Vivaldi unresponsive.

  • It's my own fault, but I put my laptop while I went to start dinner. Without thinking, I left something resting on the keyboard with the result that about 3 million tabs have been opened and the browser has become unresponsive.

    Windows task manager show CPU usage of 50% dropping to 15%, which is high for my machine. Memory usage at about 1gb (out of 24), which looks normal.

    I can access Vivaldi task manager which tells me that nearly all of that CPU load is on Background Page:Vivaldi & App:Vivaldi. See image

    I can end the process in Window Task Manager, but, unfortunately as it turns out, it looks like the setting is for Vivaldi to open with the tabs that it closed with. So, it is launching with 3million tabs and staying unresponsive.

    I imagine that one solution is to delete the profile and to start with a default blank profile, but I would like to avoid that if I can....

    Is there a file I can edit to tell Vivaldi to start with just the home page?

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    @pollik Open a new window. Close the Window with loads of tabs, then close the new window and restart Vivaldi.

  • Good thought.

    However, after ten minutes, what I have now is two unresponsive windows. I tried getting windows to close the first one, but that didn't encourage the second one continue opening, it remained completely blank - a white screen apart from the task bar. And the load on the CPU remains at around 15%

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    @pollik I don't know what to do aside from deleting the active session. Are you aware of where the Vivaldi directory is on your hard drive? Can you find the User Data file?

  • @ayespy That's done it! Thank you.


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