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  • I just discovered that it's not possible to sort bookmarks in alphabetical order or edit bookmark URL's.
    With other words, to manage basic bookmarks tasks.

    Is this something that's gonna be implemented in the near future?

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    @black-lotus Editing of bookmarks is already available in the Bookmarks Panel and the Bookmarks Tab. Sorting of bookmarks is available by right-clicking on the Bookmarks Bar.

    It may be some time yet before editing is possible on the Bookmarks Bar or Bookmarks Menu.

  • In the Bookmarks Panel I can only rename a bookmark NOT edit the URL.

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    @black-lotus Then you are doing something wrong. The Bookmarks panel is the tree of bookmarks displayed in the panel that can be showed at the left or right side of the browser (includes downloads panel, notes panel, history panel, Window panel, and whatever web panels you might have added. Open the Bookmarks Panel by clicking on the little bookmark emblem. Select the bookmark you wish to edit. Check the bottom of the panel and make sure a box occupies the bottom of it that shows the bookmark, its name, and its URL. IF NOT, grab the slider at the bottom of the panel and drag it open (upward). Then: Click on the URL, type or paste what you want, and then press "enter."

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    @black-lotus Here:

    0_1524084391782_Edit Bookmark.png

  • @black-lotus adding an info to @Pesala's comment.
    The lower part in the bookmarks panel where you can change the url is moveable up and down. So it it can happen that you just see the upper line from that box and need to pull it up.

    I made a little pic where to grab and pull with the mouse in an open bookmarkspanel (sry for the bad contrast and my incredible paint skills ^^)

    1.) 0_1524122958104_Unbenannt.png

    2.) 0_1524123201825_Unbenannt2.png


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