Policy to Disable User Deletion of Browser History

  • Whilst it's now possible to disable private browsing (incognito mode) through HKLM\Software\Policies\Vivaldi\IncognitoModeAvailability=1, I don't believe it's yet possible to disable history deletion in either Chrome or Vivaldi. These combined features are potentially useful for small businesses / schools and parents of younger children but you also need to be able to prevent 'Clear Private Data' – 'Browsing History' to make this all worthwhile.

    The ability to disable history deletion appears to be pending in the Chrome source code but not yet assigned to any supported platforms. See here for more details.

    If it's relatively easy for Vivaldi to implement these features early then this would be really worthwhile I.M.O.

  • @observe luckily it is not (really) possible without breaking some other functionality and introduce system services to create history files with user access restrictions.

    Since Vivaldi (company) presents itself as a defender of privacy and security (see blog posts) releasing browser software with the mentioned features would undermine core values.
    While the deliberate private window breakage flag is likely a feature bug inherited from chrome, any active effort in this direction would make this software no longer "a browser for our friends" but more and more a helper tool for privacy invasion.


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