New Tab Icon and Position to Follow Mouse Cursor

  • Currently the new tab position is defined into settings. The three options are: either after the related tab, after the active tab, or after the last tab. Sometimes you need one, and other times you need the others. I suggest a quick, handy and easy to understand graphic solution that shows the plus icon after the tab hovered by the mouse cursor. Please look :


    I even wonder if this solution could be useful for other common tab functions : for example, only for the active tab, you have the plus icon and another one for cloning the current tab.

    Added : A special colored complementary plus icon could be used permanently after the active tab to get easier its identification among all the tabs

    Mod Edit: Edited to use the correct terminology.

  • @seasonly There are actually three options for the New Tab position, so I edited your post.

    The tab thumbnails could be disabled too, of course, which might make it hard to offer a clone (duplicate) tab icon.

    Moving the New Tab icon with the mouse cursor might work well.

  • @pesala
    Thanks. I don't understand what is exactly the parent option.

    This icon solution looks like a quick toolbar. For sure adding more than one icon should be difficult without the thumbnailed tab, but we can do this however rotating the toolbar : instead of stacking verticaly the icons, we do horizontaly.

  • I add the next derived suggestion from the main feature : the moving plus icon could even be used after the tab permanently, in that way, it would get easier to identify where is the active tab.
    The moving plus icon should be then from an another color, and if you want to add a new tab at the end of the chain, you have to hover the last tab since the classic plus icon should dissapear at the left.

  • New views for active tab marking :



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