More HTML5 audio fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1147.23

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    @ian-coog @Pesala Never mind, I found multiple reports of both issues, both have been verified, and both are in work as of last month.

  • @ayespy mine is VB-35099, sent at end of november when there was 1.14.1030.3, it got mitigated by now for me, at that time it was 100% of the time "enlarged" but not fully maximized. Now it's a dice throw. 🙂

  • @ayespy said in More HTML5 audio fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1147.23:

    @saudiqbal Always launches maximized here. What's your OS again?

    Windows 10 64bit with V64bit. Same problem on three different computers.

  • @ruario Is any more work planned for the Bookmarks menu in the Vivaldi Menu? Because you still can't do anything by right-clicking on a link or folder.

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    @saudiqbal See - that's what's curious. You have it on 100% of 3 machines, I have it on 0% of 9 machines - and I note that one of the developers who was able to reproduce it mentions it's "very hard to trigger." So apparently your usage patterns can set it off - and mine can't. Well, at least the developers have their finger in it, so we'll see what comes of it.

  • Since many versions of Vivaldi I encountered dropped frames in 60 fps videos on YouTube (in fullscreen a lot less then in windowed mode) no matter if the resolution of the videos are 720p or 4K.
    4K@30fps plays totally fine with no dropped frames. I tested 60 fps videos in Google Chrome Canary and it's all fine.

    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.23 (x64)
    Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 16299.371 (1709/RS3)
    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 391.35

    CPU: AMD FX-8350
    RAM: G.Skill 16 GB DDR3
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (2 GB VRAM)
    Storage: 2x 480 GB Corsair Neutron XT SSD (960 GB RAID 0)

  • @pesala: AMD A10 6800, 16gb w10 x64. I should have been more clear. It's launching's just that the tab launches with the space show about 50% of the time. I know it's so trivial as to make be seem insane, but it literally drives me crazy.

  • @ayespy: See above. Should have been more specific. It's last worked correctly in build 1.13

  • @ayespy: w10 x64 I start with a specific page. I tried starting with last session, and the tab being maximized isn't honored in either start-up mode about 50% of the time.

  • The hanging focus issue appears to have been resolved. Thanks

  • @halleandert try disabling "use animations" in Settings/Appereance.

  • (VB-37247) Reopen Closed Tab Command Reopens Settings in a New Window is a bit naughty.

    • Open the settings dialogue
    • Close it
    • Reopen the last closed tab with Ctrl Z or from the trashcan

    The settings dialogue opens in a new window!

  • @luetage But what does it mean, please? The following is incomprehensible to me:

    [Regression] Mouse exit (onmouseleave) events being ignored in Vivaldi UI VB-38880

  • @gigzama said in More HTML5 audio fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1147.23:

    moved on to another browsing solution until this is fixed

    Huh? You chose to move away to a lesser browser [ie, less features & functions, less customisability] simply coz your V apparently doesn't launch maximised? Wow.

    Given there are some persistent complainers here re this "problem", can you please help me to understand it? I do not run V, nor any other of my daily programs [except Task Coach] maximised, given i like using more than one active window per virtual desktop [of which i have nine, & three Activities each comprising said 9 VDs]. I commonly use more than one pgm window per VD, & depending on my specific tasks underway at any given moment, those per-VD windows might be tiled, stacked or overlapped. For my workflow, with the exception of the aforesaid TC, this maximises my efficiency. Furthermore, on a cosmetic level, maximised windows are simply too big, too in my face, akin to a visual assault.

    Hence, every time i read of other V users ["Vusers"?] complaining about this alleged lack of maximised window launch, it greatly puzzles me. It would help me to learn & understand if you might kindly explain your apparently opposite workflow needs pls?

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    @gigzama I would expect "start with last session" to be the most reliable.

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    @steffie It means that hovering an element shows a tooltip, and moving off of that element often did not cause the tooltip to disappear. This is referred to in some programmer language as "mouse exit." Other programming jargon refers to it as "mouse out," etc.

  • @ayespy Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, now i geddit, ta. Whilst i'm only too familiar with the irritating symptom [& have not yet done the latest update], i'd never heard that jargon before. Obviously.

  • Thank you Quhno!

  • Probably the instant i have posted this, V-SS will break again, but so far [she says, extremely nervously] 1.15.1147.23 is behaving itself wrt the hitherto 1.15x series' bane of broken pointers & D&D.

    About to click on Submit... let the carnage begin [again]...

  • @steffie Conversely the recent bane of initial V-SS launch giving an initially "blank" Notes Panel view [with all the momentary alarm that engenders, until scrolling makes all content magically appear] still continues. Surely V cannot go Stable with such a bug? I imagine that might scare the horses.

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