Ratio of Registered Community Memebers to People Using Vivaldi

  • For every person registering with the Vivaldi community how many people would be using Vivaldi? 1 to 2, 1 to 5, 1 to 10? The community seems to be growing consistently and I am assuming that not everyone using V is registering. But I'm liking what I'm seeing. For software in such a nascent stage I think the growing numbers are quite good.

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    I'm sure that's kind of hard to say. Within the first week, there were about a half a million downloads. I of course not only downloaded but joined the community immediately. Shortly thereafter, I noticed there were about 27,000 registered members. I'm certain no more than a few hundred of these were members before the release. Now there are nearly forty thousand members.

    So - variables that would play into the member versus user ratio would be:
    How many downloaders became actual users? How many downloaders are there after two months, when a half million snagged it in the first week? Every day on the forums we see people come in who say "I just downloaded Vivaldi - " so the user numbers are growing, but at what rate? Then there is the law of diminishing returns. The longer a community like this is in existence, the slower its growth will become, irrespective of how many users there are, because the highly-interested will join right away, but the majority of users are not going to be the same sorts of "fans" of the browser that we members are.

    Early on, there were perhaps a half a million users and 25K members. If that ratio never got any smaller (and it is almost CERTAIN to have), then there would be only eight hundred thousand users now. I suspect in actuality, it's well over a million.

  • I'm seeing 42,683 now. I was watching daily a while again and it seemed there were roughly 200 new community user per day. At 1 community member to 5 users that would be 1,000 new users per day. 1 to 3 would still be 600 new users per day. Even the low number is good growth.

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