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  • Often I'll have something like a youtube video open in one tile and browsing another page in another tile, but have to leave those tiles to view a link from the latter. I would love to be able to "pin" one or more of my current tiles so that any other tabs or links opened are opened in the second pane. This would prevent me from having to open a whole new window and just sitting the two side by side.

  • @adamstributer Hmmm... I see what you mean, it is interesting, but I don't know how it could be done in a "simple and efficient way" from a design and ergonomic point of view, at least with the current way of tiling tabs.

    For info, for the use case you describe, maybe you could use a web panel instead of a tiled tab?
    You can watch a Youtube video in a webpanel (switched to desktop version to avoid pause when hidden), and surf as usual with as many tabs as you want in the main browser window.

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    @adamstributer Is this what you want?

    Open Link in Split Screen

  • I would think that a way to go about it is to make an option to have it so that whenever a tab is switched to, it replaces the focused tab in the current tiling layout.

    Web panels aren't an ideal solution to this problem because opening a link in a web panel is a somewhat intensive process and they provide limited navigation options. Furthermore, a panel would take up extra space, as it can't be restricted to a corner of the screen like tiled tab could.


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