"This site can't be reached" message appears every time I open a link for the start page

  • Re: "This site can't be reached" message comes out so frequently!

    Sadly this has happened ever since I first tried Vivaldi a month ago.
    I would like to stick with it - but this error message is very annoying, obviously the site can be reached, because it does. It happens every time.

    This happened with a raw basic browser, so extensions are not responsible and I have only a couple.

    My profile is new, not sure about re-setting it as suggested somewhere else.

    What does that do to the settings, passwords, bookmarks etc anyhow?
    Appreciate some advice please.

    100mb/sec cable DSL
    i7 power PC
    Nvidia 760 GPU
    Win 10

  • You can do following to test a fresh profile:

    • Lookup the path to your profile in vivaldi://about/
    • Close Vivaldi
    • Rename the Default folder (e.g. Default2)
    • Open Vivaldi

    To get back to your previous profile close Vivaldi, delete the automatically created Default folder, rename Default2 to Default, open Vivaldi.

    But yeah, if it turns out a fresh profile solves your problem, then your data will be gone. You can however use the sync feature to your advantage, which should take care of the most important data, and you can also use files from your old profile (just copy them over), but be aware that one of these files could break it again.

    More info: https://help.vivaldi.com/article/full-reset-of-vivaldi/


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