Accessing ALL installed extensions.

  • Let me say that Vivaldi is one of the best browsers available!

    However, I have not changed to Vivaldi with all the computers I use. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I can't access all the extensions and consequently have had to stick to Chrome which is more flexible with this feature.

    One year ago a moderator said it's coming and unfortunately it is still not available. Why have the facility to install extensions if you can't access most of them. I use more extensions than the allocated space next to the address bar and still cannot access all.

    How long more do we have to wait for this feature?

    I use Vivaldi at work where I do not need as many extensions as I do at home. I still use Chrome on my desktop and also on my laptop due to the number of extensions I have but would love to change to Chrome.

  • Hi, there are > 20000 extensions out there and Vivaldi is a small team.
    May you can contact the developer of these extensions why his/her extension is not work in Vivaldi.
    The Vivaldi team can fix some bugs/errors with extensions but not all for all extrensions.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    Vote for the existing feature request: Additional Features for the Extension Icon Container

  • @vavud I am able to see all my installed extensions in V - can you give an example of which extension shows an icon in chrome and which one doesn't in V ? - I assume we are talking about icons and not just going to the extensions page ?


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