Close Current Tab and Focus Left/Right Tab by Gestures

  • How can i achieve the following functions by vivaldi gestures.
    i do need this feature in vivaldi.
    it's really effetive feature for me everyday,everytime.
    i archieved it in firefox qauntum by foxy gestures,but the some feature (eg. notes,panel,Internal page gestures) make me still use vivaldi.

    i think the gestures that i want is simple to vivaldi team,please make it ture.
    thank you ,thank you very much!

    • Close the current tab and Focus Left Tab;
    • Close the current tab and Focus Right Tab;

    and seem rocker gesture doen't work in google search pages or others.

  • please vote for the effective feature!
    Thanks a lot.

  • @isynceo I would love that too!

    However, I suggest you to vote for the already exisiting request, which is a bit more generic: ability to concatenate commands (into keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures).
    It would allow what you want, and avoid dividing the votes into 2 separate feature requests! 😉

  • @guilimote thank you very much.


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