Akismet.. can we use the free API key function?

  • Blogs are based on wordpress, and it uses akismet as "spam filter" - but a lot of them still pop up on blogs.
    Blog also has a function to bind an akismet api free key to take care of them, but I'm unsure if this will violate terms of v-blogs or akismet itself.
    I kept spam in trash folder just in case the team would need some infos from there.
    Also reported two weeks ago, but I know, spam need time to go away.
    Actually, spam is marked "red" but it's not moved in spam folder and is shown as a "true" comment (shouldn't be notified at all)

  • @hadden89 Try this: Select pending in the comments section to get only the new ones, press check for spam on the bottom. Drink tea and wait. Mine are still awaiting the spam check.

  • @luetage I'll do that way. It's annoying to see a lot of loans and 404 bad sites in comment section -- plus their notifications (only once)
    Well, I still hope they'll disappear forever 😛

  • Turns out this doesn't do anything. Akisment isn't actually capable of checking most comments for span. Well, I just use the bulk action to get rid of them. The only annoying thing is looking at all of them to find the real ones. It's a real pain, I bought 2000 packages of viagra and signed up to a dozen different matchmaking sites – all by accident because I wanted to handle the comments.

    Vivaldi team help us 😕


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