Why the Hamburger again?

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    I (we) had everything we needed with the previous Blog/Forum layout. I could get anywhere I needed with the Menu or the dropdown from my avatar.
    Now I will have to tap the dreaded hamburger, slide completely across the screen then scroll down to get to where i want to go.

    It does LOOK neat, but a step backward in navigating Vivaldi.net (in my opinion).

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    @greybeard Not seeing the hamburger menu. Have a link?

  • On narrow windows you get the mobile view, regardless of if you're actually using a mobile device.

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    @lonm Well, I'll be hanged. Sure enough, there is it on the narrow window.

  • It switches from mobile to desktop at around a width of 990px, another switch in the display is around 800px for me, when the chat icon is displayed separately again suddenly. This could potentially be turned off completely, but I don't really see the value. Except maybe for tablets in portrait mode :D

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    No, no link... (and I am not seeing it now) the default forums page I presume.
    I use a full sized 15" laptop with the Vivaldi window about 1" off one side and 1/2" off the top (about 1200 x 1000 pixels).
    V seems to remember these settings and always come up this way. The only time I use the full screen is when I'm editing. Any other application has a reduced window size.
    This has not been a serious issue, but it has been an annoyance going back several years (and computers).
    I'd mentioned it years back in the forums and possibly even filed a bug report... I can't recall.
    Perhaps this is some lingering chromium bug?

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    @greybeard I suppose what you're looking for is that the page be agnostic, or at least less sensitive, to window size. On this platform, with this 24" monitor, I have to scrunch the window down quite a bit in order to get the hamburger to appear.

  • Naturally in V the presence of the sidebar could be enough to trigger it. Hide the sidebar (good old F4) and it may go away.

    This laptop has 1600x900 resolution; even with the sidebar I get the full header here. The laptop I use for Linux is only 1366x768 and I often see the "hamburger menu" there. (No, I don't run full screen windows - I can still see my desktop icons on the left.)

  • Might it be related to DPI or page zoom level?

  • @lonm No, the min and max widths of @media are handled solely with css and are set in pixels – it's all fixed width.

  • @sgunhouse Overlay your panel – at least when you are on Vivaldi Forum. The site jumping from desktop to mobile and back is really annoying.

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    Will remember that one.


  • @greybeard On your mobile browser switch to desktop mode.

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