Win 10 Mail close/restart Vivaldi

  • I have a HDD with Windows 10 Pro/64 for testing and so forth.
    Using Windows Mail and today first time I try to open a link in Vivaldi closed it down or sometime restart Vivaldi.
    I don´t have many tabs open so not a real problem for me but it is may a bug.
    Before I make a report may other user can verify.

    Cheers, mib
    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.21 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Yes, I just encountered an issue that I believe is related and I came here to see if anybody else is experiencing it.

    When I right-click Vivaldi in the Windows 10 taskbar and select "new window" it closes the application and restarts it. This also seems to happen if I run Vivaldi from the command line with the "--new-window" flag.

    I began experiencing this bug this morning after I updated to version 1.15.1147.21.

  • Moderator

    Known bug. Open from outside app = close and reopen.

  • @ayespy
    Oooh, what a bug!

    Thanks ayespy for the information, mib
    @segphault , thank you too.

  • What is worse, Vivaldi loses all prior open tabs in this process which is massively annoying. Went back to 1.14 and will wait till the bug squashers have been let loose on 1.15.

    Right now this build had just too many bugs.

  • @dicks
    I did the same


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