Memories of "My Opera".

  • How captivating it was! When I entered, I was still weaker about computers, the internet, and all of its surroundings. I was growing up about this and discovering aspects of the browser and its "arrondissements".

    At that time, I was limited to the Portuguese segment, everything was then separated, not integrated as today, for both today's Opera and Vivaldi.

    My Opera was conquering me slowly. I discovered the particular "corner" that was my private space reserved and personal. The embedded email address for users, my profile, very extensible for those who so chose to be.

    Mine was full of personal, subjective, and objective details. There were visitors, some of them left messages. As resolved by me, strangers could also leave them, messages.

    As bare as I am about web and computer knowledge, I still managed to attract a lot of visitors, and when the earthquake exploded, I already had more than twenty thousand visitors.

    A ghost vision a few days ago reminded me that when I went to my profile, there was a list of visitors and those were there registered through their avatars or images. Other times, other charms. There, I had many more grants for wanting / not wanting users to be friends. But, if I was the invited, always accepted, never refused.

    There are always painful "saudades". Regardless Vivaldi! Pleasant times and conditions that will never return "nunca mais".

  • One of my best times in my life were on My Opera.

  • Given how many friend requests I got there, I limited myself to people I'd seen in the forums. I do remember both of you.

  • Suddenly another memory. Personal Blogs were inserted into our profiles, user profiles in "My Opera". Oh oh oh! Not without reasons I made here in Viv a suggestion to somehow include a link between our profiles and personal blogs. Not necessarily as clumsy as I suggested, but someone can find a better way.

    There are users who, while reading their publications, I have an idea that I would like to see them on blogs. Some of them I have already met and their performances justified my presumptions. If there was a link, I could check on others without the need to rely on chance.

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