Move Open Link in New Background Tab to Top

  • Could you make the 'Open Link in New Background Tab' the first item on the right click menu or make it configurable. I almost always use the open in background and I suspect most users do also. Having to slide the mouse down one item really slows things down.

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    @sonofcy Every man and his dog is going to have a different opinion about how the menus should be arranged. Both Firefox and Opera 52 have "Open Link in New Tab" at the top. Opera 12.18 has "Open" with "Open Link in New Tab" second, then "Open in Background Tab."

    I almost never use the context menu as it's the least efficient way of opening tabs, whether in the foreground or the background. To open links in the background, try any of these methods:

    • Middle-click
    • Ctrl+click
    • Mouse gesture, GestureDown over a link

    Vote for the generic request Allow Editing of Menus rather than making a new request for particular changes for which it would be hard to find a consensus due to different workflows of different users.

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