The mess with locating the latest snapshot

  • Wish that this website's designers would take the trouble and test their work and stop guiding users to irrelevant pages and omitting information found on one webpage, from another similar webpage.

    After searching for the latest snapshot download page, which is advertised in the upper right corner of this page, (The Vivaldi (Forum) Home page) the link led me to this web page. which contains no download links.

    Please note the red ribbon indicating "Team Blog", "Snapshots" "Press Coverage" When clicking on the word "Snapshots" the search takes the user to this page again with no download link. And from here on, it goes nowhere. But, if one clicks on the word "Browser" in the header, this takes one to this page, on which there is no mention of snapshots. It seems that Vivaldi not only hides the snapshots from being found, but also seems not to consider snapshot versions as browsers.

    I finally found this page
    Please note the red ribbon indicating "Team Blog", "Snapshots" "Press Coverage" where the download links are displayed, although not very prominently.

    Please fix this mess, place the red log bar on all pages, to lead users to the snapshots effortlessly and this includes the main browser page

  • @ineuw
    Looking at all the pages you linked to I can find the download on each page on the right hand side...sometimes down further than you expect.
    Understandable to miss as I did back when...

    I don't think vivaldi want's every man or woman(sjw fear) and his dog running the snapshot version, hence not putting it on the main download page.

  • @ineuw Snapshot releases and downloads are featured on the blog. I don't think it's bad design, they just don't want users to install the snapshot version by chance, since it's more unreliable than the stable version. (I figure)

  • @ineuw said in The mess with locating the latest snapshot: which contains no download links.

    You have not looked at it enough, pay more attention and there is a link to latest snapshot as well as to latest stable release in that page.
    Also it's perfectly fine that each release announcement in the page contain exactly that release download link, I don't see why your should call it mess when it's you not paying enough attention.

  • My apologies, nevertheless this download concept is the reverse of what one is accostomed to. In this scheme, each version has it's download page, preceded by the article pointing out issues related to the release. I did see and use the links on the side "Get the latest version of Vivaldi" which linked to another article where the download links were not immediately visible. The logic is correct but very confusing for a newcomer. Perhaps, we can ask the HTML editor to keep the download info on every page located at the same coordinates. Familiarity with a page layout really speeds things up.

    Also knew that snapshots should not be used by everyone because of the constant changes. These updates change some of my settings, which led me to discover that not all is saved by the sync process. The lack of sync in the stable version is the only reason I am using the snapshots. But, the advantage of the constant changes is one's quick familiarity with the settings, as opposed to in the stable version.

    This leads me to ask about installs in Linux. Since when was Vivaldi available from a repository like installation?

  • Moderator

    @ineuw There are about 3 distros of Linux that package Vivaldi. For most other flavors, if you install Vivaldi once, it will always appear in the repo after that. Linux treats Stable and Snapshot as different products, unlike Windows. Being available in the repo after the first install has always been the case, as long as Vivaldi has been available on Linux (around 3 years or so).

    Offhand, I'm not aware of a Linux version that a) doesn't package it but b) does list it in the software store without your having first installed it once.

  • @Ayespy, you enlightened me to no end, thank you. It solves the riddle that troubled me but not asked in the previous post about Linux Mint 18.3 updating the browser. The first time, I installed it from the .deb file and couldn't figure out how it updated itself automatically, since I didn't install a ppa, and it wasn't on the list of updates. Kudos to the developers.

  • @ineuw said in The mess with locating the latest snapshot:

    Linux Mint 18.3 updating the browser. The first time, I installed it from the .deb file and couldn't figure out how it updated itself automatically




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