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  • @gort said in Where is the bug tracker?:

    There isn't an open one and I've never understood why. This has been the case in the old Opera and also in Vivaldi. I can understand the need to hide security bugs, but I can't understand the reason to not show other kinds of bugs.

    If there was some Bugzilla for Vivaldi, it'd help in tracking the bugs, curtail the amount of bug duplicates due to ignorance about what bug reports have been filed, and allow users to see if bugs that interest them have been acknowledged by the devs so that they can keep an eye out for the progress of such bugs.

    I agree with @Gort. An open bug-tracker would only help things and reduce the work to fix bugs for the following reasons:

    • Users would be able to search for bugs before reporting, and thus not submit duplicate bugs. This could even be automated on the bug-report page to detect duplicates so that people could click "Yes this is a duplicate of bug no. xyz"

    • Users would not ask for updates about bugs as they could see any progress. Again this could be automated if users attempted to ask.

    • Users might be inspired by seeing certain bugs to volunteer to fix them.

    There are many other benefits, which other open-source projects benefit from.

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    @ladyjane This is not a feature request for the browser, and a duplicate of Bug Reporting - Can it be made more contemporary?

  • In addition to what's been said in the first post, having a publicly accessible bug tracker would allow users with the same issue to add additional information about the issue themselves

    • environment info e.g. OS, Vivaldi build, pages/urls that are causing the issue
    • workarounds for the issue
    • whether other browsers exhibit the same issue

    From a user's point of view, having access to a centralized/authoritative source of information on issues i.e. bug tracker instead of having to scour the forums and various webpages would be nice.

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