Option to Add New Windows on Other Monitors

  • @memphiz said in Open New Windows on Focused Monitor:

    On a Multi-Monitor setup I would like to have Vivaldi open new windows on the monitor I clicked the Taskbar icon on or the monitor which currently has the mouse cursor.

    Add option to add new windows on empty monitors or to have a pop-up asking which monitor to open the new window on, perhaps enabled by holding down a key modifier.

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    I use one Vivaldi window on a landscape monitor for watching videos, and another Vivaldi window for browsing on a portrait monitor. The Windows taskbar is shown on both monitors, but which one I right-click on the New Tab or New Window opens on the Vivaldi window that has focus.

  • Hm, I understand the request.
    Often I want a new window on the monitor wich has no focus, otherwise I have to move the window.

    Cheers, mib

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    @mib2berlin I misunderstood the request. I get it now. If you need this, you should vote for it. The feature request currently has no votes.

    Moving the window with Windows Key + Cursor keys is easy enough, but it still takes several key presses: Windows Key + Left, Left, Up, Up to maximise the window on the secondary monitor.


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