Some videos still not playing

  • I thought that 1.14 was supposed to fix this problem. About half the videos, even within an app like youtube, do not play. Also, when I do a version check for Flash I do not get the little box telling me my current version, so I have to go to the app to see what I am using before updating.

    Will this be fixed for the older hardware or do I have some option other than buying a new iMac?

  • Check if Vivaldi 1.15 fixes it
    Vivaldi does not use the same plug in as Safari does. For Flash Player you need the PPAPI plug in. It will show if you have it install on vivaldi://about/

    On the Flash Player about page you need to enable Flash Player for that site (it is the button in the next to the address bar, it might be a lock if the site is HTTPS or a puzzle piece

    If do not have Flash Player you can download it from select your OS and then pick Flash Player for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI

    Many of the video on youtube are HTML5.

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