Addblock and chrome addon!!!!

  • I have used vivaldi for a month. This browser is really good, fast, have cool UI and many usefull features. I have some feedbacks and i think this will make vivaldi better! + Built - in addblock plus. + Support for google chrome addon. + Support for changing theme, let people make their own theme! + Reading mode!!!!! + Gesture. + Screen capture. + Night mode (best browser ever!). P/S: Thank you for Vietnamese language!!!!!

  • You can install chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store. However there might be some issues that you would face.
    For example: You will not see the buttons of extensions in toolbar.

  • I cant, vivaldi crash everytime i try to install an addon!

  • If you're using Technical Preview 2, try updating to the most recent Developer snapshot.

    Vivaldi is developing rapidly and there have been numerous bug fixes and feature improvements since TP2. Developer releases have generally been as stable, if not more stable, than TP2.

    Follow the Team Blog for weekly updates (usually on Mondays) and occasional mid-week updates.

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    I cant, vivaldi crash everytime i try to install an addon!

    You must be on a Mac. Not 100% sure if that's fixed or not, but Mac users were having that problem for at least 3 releases or so…

  • Adblock plus crashes. Try Adblock (without "plus"), it works fine.

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    yep. adblock works just fine.

    (latest vivaldi snapshot (32bit), windows 8.1 x64)

  • When I go to the Chrome store now, the button to add the addon is missing in the latest screenshot. Did I miss something?

    edit: I was signed into my Google account which was blocking the button, for some dumb reason

  • What I did since there was no button is just save the Web store as a bookmark, and if you want to see your extensin's just type vivaldi:extensions then bookmark it too.

  • Where extensions are installed? I can't see

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    Where extensions are installed? I can't see


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