Gmail not working properly on 1.15.1147.19

  • I think this was a problem on the previous handful of snapshots too, and I thought upgrading might fix it. Sadly not, and it just introduced the lazy loading tabs issue :(

    Gmail doesn't seem to be working in a couple of irritating ways. Firstly, hovering over a message in, e.g. inbox should change the pointer to the hand icon. It doesn't and sometimes when I click, nothing happens, and I have to click twice to get gmail to open the message. Secondly, and this has been reported before but over a year ago, I can't drag files into a message compose window to attach them to emails.

    Both of these confirmed working OK on Chrome 65.0.3325.181, and I think V is using Chromium 65.0.3325.183, so unless this is something very new in chromium, it looks more like a Vivaldi thing?

  • And after 4 restarts of Vivaldi, suddenly it works (hand icon and dragging files to compose window), although I now often also see a 'Move...' tooltip rather than gmail opening the message, as if I had started dragging the message to drop it on a label. Clicking again when the tooltip is visible (only for a short time) opens the message. Almost like it needs a double-click, which it shouldn't.

  • And now back to not working—no Vivaldi restart, just working in gmail and various other tabs, and the mouse hover pointer and drag/drop just stopped. Note that page refresh doesn't affect things; once it's broken, it stays broken. Also tried disabling all extensions, but no difference.

  • Sorry for the long chain of replies—just collecting data... I also just noticed I'm seeing the same pointer problem in google calendar. Hovering on an event should change the pointer to the hand (which I see in Chrome), but not now in Vivaldi.

    I do see the hand for links in other webpages, so it seems like something Google is doing that V doesn't like...

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    @dsl101 Have been unable to reproduce this problem here.

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