History shows only one day

  • My browser only showed a history of 2 days. I upgraded to the latest version and now I only get 1 days worth. How do I get much more than 1 or 2 days for my history, like 1 or 2 weeks?

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    @clay3377 Switch the time period view, and then switch it back.

  • @ayespy , Thanks for your reply. I've tried that already, like switching from DAY, WEEK or MONTH and then back to any other tab, but nothing works. Any other suggestions please? Much appreciated.

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    @clay3377 Under Privacy in your settings, how much history is the browser set to save?

  • Thanks again for getting back to me. The history is set for 1 month. Should I change that to FOREVER or something else? Thanks!

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    @clay3377 Mine is set to 1 month, and that's what it shows. Rarely, I have to switch from "today" view to week view or something if I want to see the whole month.

    If that is not working for you, it may be that the update unexpectedly replaced your history file with an empty one.

  • You are correct, the update erased the 2 days it was keeping. I understand what you are talking about, but why was it only keeping 2 days in the total history and now after the update keeping only 1 day? So now, after several days of doing the update, the History is still only keeping 1 day on the monthly calendar. Please help. Thanks!

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    @clay3377 Cannot reproduce this. History works properly here. There is something interfering with the way the browser works, or there is some kind of corrupted file. Why don't you see what happens if you refresh your profile?

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